Karthika Deepam Update, September 2: Deepa does not want Karthik to leave her

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m , Soundarya He is worried about Karthik's next move since he wants Monitha in the next bid. Anand Rao try to comfort her by adding that Karthik still love Deepa and there is no way he can marry Monitha.

Soundarya argues that Karthik got ready to leave for the US just because Hima and Deepa were getting close. She adds that he is growing restless due to the court verdict that is forcing him to stay with Deepa and he might marry Monitha due to the growing frustration. Soundarya concludes that they must be very careful ahead.

Meanwhile, at home, Deepa is worried that Karthik is packing his luggage. Karthik says that he should leave the next day. He also gives her a blank check and asks her to live out of it.

Deepa replies that she wants a happy and secure life with him but not his wealth. Karthik says that he is still her well-wisher and is ready to give her alimony. He adds that her mistake (referring to her alleged infidelity with Vihari) has left him heartbroken and he can never accept her as his wife again. Deepa has an emotional breakdown.

She admits to committing a mistake by behaving in a way that nurtured his suspicion over her. She also adds that she couldn’t initially realize this and felt hurt when he denied being the father of her kids. That’s why she left the house unable to compromise on her self-respect. Deepa says that she is tired of fighting with the society that doesn’t let an independent woman live in peace. She swears on her kids and reiterates that she shares a sibling bond with Vihari and nothing more. Karthik remains indifferent.

He even stands up to believe it and not ruin his life.