Justin Bieber says that child stardom led to drug abuse, suicidal tendencies

Pop singer Justin Bieber He has opened up about his personal torments since he became a world star at age 13.

The 25-year-old singer has published a long note on how he tried to cope with fame and said he got involved with 'pretty heavy drugs' as a teenager, according to reports.

Posting on Instagram, Bieber wrote: It's hard to get out of bed in the morning with the right attitude when you are overwhelmed with your life, your past, your work, your responsibilities, your emotions, your family, your finances, your relationships.

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I hope you find time to read this, it's from my heart

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When there seems to be problems after problems after problems. You start to anticipate the day through fear lenses and anticipate another bad day.

the 'I am the one' Crooner dijo que tuvo que luchar contra the pensamientos suicidas en el pasado.

I am fortunate to have people in my life who continue to encourage me to move on (sic.).

Then he talked about how he had resorted to drugs when in his teens he tried to cope with the tensions of fame.

Comencé a consumir drogas bastante pesadas a the 19 años y abusé de todas mis relaciones. Me volví resentido, irrespetuoso con las mujeres y enojado. Me volví distante de todos the que me amaban, y me escondía detrás, una concha de una persona que tenía convertido. Sentí que nunca podría darle la vuelta , escribió.

Bieber says it has taken him years to recover from all the terrible decisions.

Arregla relaciones rotas y cambia the hábitos de relación. Por suerte, Dios me bendijo con personas extraordinarias que me aman por mí.

Bieber fue descubierto mientras actuaba en YouTube a the 13 años y pronto amasó a millones de fanáticos, pero tuvo varios enfrentamientos con la ley y a menudo fue noticia por su controvertido comportamiento en lugar de su música.