Mimi just can't get enough of her hairy babies

Actress converted to MP Mimi Chakraborty I had a gala time at home on Sunday. The actress returned from abroad on Saturday morning and was spending Sunday with her two children. It's no news that Mimi loves her hairy babies, Max and Chiku, up to the moon and back. I couldn't be with my two children on International Dog Day (August 26) when I was traveling for work. I missed you so much that day. I'm sure they missed me too. I used to make video calls with them every day and one day I saw that Max was almost crying. I also had tears in my eyes. Both Max and Chiku miss me a lot when I'm not around, since I play a lot with them. When I return home, they are the first ones I find. When I'm not near, mom and my housewives take watch out of them, but they care about their food at that time! Then, sometimes, mom jokingly tells me to take my children to work when I go out to take pictures outdoors, ”said the actress.

She added: “I returned around 4 am on Saturday morning and both Max and Chiku were there, fully awake, to welcome me. I was with them playing and hugging until 5 in the morning. They didn't even allow me to open my shoes.

Diet had taken a backseat for Mimi on Sunday. I have not had homemade food in many days. So i had ilish Bhapa and rice for lunch. And for dinner too, I had shorshe ilish and rice . Hilsa is one of my favourite fishes,” said Mimi. She added, “I have been very tired of late, so I slept the whole day on Sunday. I have some photoshoots next week, so I have too many meetings lined up one after the other this week,” Mimi signed off.