More avenues of monetization, a greater scope to experiment is giving a boost to Gujarati music

Recently, Gujarati musicians like it Sachin Sanghvi , Jainam Modi , Ishani Dave , Bhargav Purohit teamed up to promote and create original Gujarati music. The purpose is to keep the Gujarati music scene alive. “Gujarati film music provides only limited opportunities only handful of films are being made,” says Jainam Modi . He adds, “But there is a lot of scope for musicians to create original music. It not only helps in keeping the Gujarati music scene alive, but also gives us scope to keep experimenting with our music, try new things, collaborate with different artists and not depend only on film projects.” With more avenues of monetizing Gujarati music now available, these music composers are creating newer sounds. Some composers believe that original compositions are a way of honing their musical skills and also provides something new to the listeners. Says Aditya Gadhavi, “Music lovers are always looking for something new. While recreations help increase the fan base, original compositions give listeners a new experience.”