Bigg Boss Tamil 3: the evicted contestant Abhirami Venkatachalam meets BFF's mother Sherin Shringar; see happy photos

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant evicted from 3 Abhirami Venkatachalam He recently met with Sherin Shringar's mother. An excited Abhirami took her name on social networks to share the photos of her.

My baby Sheri, I met your mother - love love love loadsssssssss (sic), says her post.

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My sheri baby, I met your mother - love love loadsssssssss of love 🦋💕

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Fans on social networks appreciate Abhirami's gesture.

Abhirami Venkatachalam and Sherin Shringar They have joined very well in the Bigg Boss house. Abhirami was evicted from BB's reality show in August and has not lost any opportunity to catch up with other evicted friends. Previously, he met Mohan Vaidya, Sakshi Agarwal , Fathima Babu, wife and daughter of Sandy Master too.

Abhirami is known to be the crybaby of the house. However, netizens are seeing the happiest side of the actress after her departure.

On the other hand, Sherin has survived in the house for so long. After evading nominations for 9 consecutive weeks, Sherin has been nominated consecutively in weeks 10 and 11.