When 'Saptapadi' faced the sabotage of the industry!

The iconic cycling sequence of this Bengali classic proved to be a template for many Bengali romantic tracks. Appeared in the celluloid during the height of the Uttam-Suchitra wave, Saptapadi is about the condemned romance of a Bengali Brahmin boy and a Christian girl.

But did you know that this romantic success faced an unwanted controversy? There were wild rumors that suggested that a conspiracy was being organized to stop the shooting. A part of the industry allegedly tried to convince Suchitra Sen that will be eclipsed by Uttam Kumar If she shares the screen with him.

However, it didn’t work out and the rest is history. The movie was packed with all the elements a romantic Bengali of 1960 can dream of like the immortal music scored by Hemanta Mukhopadhyay. The outstanding camera work, brilliant script, heart-touching music and above all a giant named Uttam Kumar’s one of the career-best display turned ‘Saptapadi’ into an almost near-perfect movie experience for cine lovers.