The application that allows users to become celebrities arouses fears of privacy

SHANGHAI: a Chinese face exchange application which allows users to convincingly superimpose their own image on the characters of movies or television shows, has quickly become one of the most downloaded applications in the country, but has caused a violent reaction for fear of privacy.

Released on Friday, the Zao application It went viral when Chinese users launched themselves on the opportunity to see themselves depicting scenes from known movies using deepfake technology, which has already raised concerns elsewhere about possible misuse.

Users provide a series of selfies in which they blink, open their mouths and make expressions, which the application will use to realistically transform the person's animated image into movies, television shows or other content.

But the company was forced to issue a statement on Sunday promising changes after critics attacked the privacy policy of the application that granted free, irrevocable, permanent, transferable and relicible rights to all user-generated content.

Critics warn that technology can be used to create fake videos to manipulate elections, defame someone or potentially cause disturbances by spreading erroneous information on a large scale. “We understand privacy concerns. We will fix the issues that we do not take into consideration, which will take some time, said a statement from Zao.

Zao is owned by Momo Inc, a Chinese dating service similar to Tinder listed in the US Nasdaq. UU.