Actor Shani Shaki debuts as a filmmaker with Oh! Indian mother

When actor Dulquer Salmaan Post a candid message about an upcoming movie on social networks, Internet users sit down and take note. Particularly, when accompanied by a vibrant illustration, it offers an aerial view of a lady in a sari riding a bicycle with a backpack, and jeans with a passenger riding a bicycle. It is a poster for the acting director of actor Shani Shaki. Oh! Mother India, with the motto A trip with my mother. shani

I've been working on the idea for a year, inspired by the trips of Sarath Krishnan, whose trip to the Himalayas with his 60-year-old mother, was very reported. He played a chord with everyone. I have written a story based on this thread. The movie will focus on a amma-son trip , but with many intertwined stories, says Shani.

Shani says that, as an advertising filmmaker, he had always thought about moving to the movies and Dulquer, who is a friend, also encouraged him to make the leap. As he began to work on ideas from two stories, he abandoned them halfway, feeling insecure about them. This story was something he connected better with, since he is also close to his mother. “It is not a road movie; It will be an intense family drama. Different travel modes, including flights, trains and buses, will be used around India to film the film, ”says Shani, who is co-writing the film with Ramakrishna J Kulur, who wrote the script for BTech.

He hopes to start filming soon, although he has not announced the actors for the roles, so it is a surprise. Everyone was surprised to hear that I am making a movie, so let the cast be another surprise, says Shani, who took considerable time humming and humming before saying with a smile that Dulquer was not playing the lead role.

This is the story dedicated to each person who travels with their mothers, says Shani. “Every mother wants and hopes in her heart that her children take her on a trip. I hope this movie inspires each person to fulfill this desire, ”he says.