Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke update September 2: Kuhu threatens Kunal, Abir and Mishti feel something is wrong between them

The episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Start with Meenakshi making food and Parul arrives. She asks Parul to take care of the house sarcastically. Parul asks him not to get angry. Meenakshi receives a call and someone threatens her. She gives it back to the caller.

Open Come and ask if everything went well. Jasmeet gets happy and prepares for Nannu's return. Mishti He also looks very excited to know. Kuhu cries and Open senses that something was wrong.

She covers herself for Kunal and says that everything was fine and that he missed his maternal home.

Kuhu gets ready for a Pooja. Mishti and Open call and talk to each other. She plans to send a message to Nannu but it goes to Open who gets jealous. She tells him that Nannu was her friend and Jasmeet and Anshu's son.

Meenakshi meets Kunal who looks annoyed. They celebrate Janmashtami. Meenakshi prays to the Lord Krishna.

Kuhu and Kunal are asked to rock the cradle of Lord Krishna. Kunal doesn't want to be with Kuhu and is annoyed. Meenakshi senses it.

Further Kuhu threatens Kunal and asks him to behave rightly in front of her family.

She says she loves her family just as he loves her brother and cheated on him.

Kunal is in a fix. Varsha hears Jasmeet taunting Mishti and Kuhu's sisterhood. Varsha asks Mishti not to come to Kuhu 's in laws house for the pooja to avoid any issues.

Next day, Mishti still comes to Kuhu 's in law's house and Varsha gets annoyed.

Open calls Mishti to spend some time with her and they both sense some issue in Kuhu and Kunal 's relationship. Mishti remembers how Kunal had asked her to keep the money he had given her for Kuhu as she will be soon back to the Maheshwari house. Open and Mishti wonder what to do.