Midnight Error: a short film that leads to a murder mystery

The cinema culture is changing rapidly giving way to the evolution of short films. The growing accessibility of the internet in smartphones is, many believe, one of the important factors behind such a paradigm shift. Short stories are sold as hotcakes now. They are one of the main favorites among storytellers of the new era who want to attract their audience in a novel way and Rare Stones Production, a relatively young producer from Mumbai, with his first adventure, a 16-minute murder mystery titled 'Midnight Error', wants to give the public an ideal taste of mystery through its unique narration.

The short film has been directed by Ketan Chavda, starring the renowned Bollywood actor. Rajit Kapur , Tanima Bhattacharya who dabbled in the celluloid with the acclaimed 2016 film Saankal and won 4 Best Actress awards at national and international film festivals for himself and his main co-actor Chetan Sharma who was also part of Parched, Ankhon Dekhi and, more recently, Sacred Games 2 as Saad.

‘Midnight Error’, produced by Tanima Bhattacharya, Chetan Sharma and Deepi Sanjeev Jain has already been screened at First-Time Filmmakers Showcase presented by LIFT-OFF GLOBAL NETWORK in London and is Official Selection for 5th Dehradun International Film Festival.

History sees Indresh's car stuck in the woods and tries to find a place to spend the night and finds a motel in this completely isolated place. The owners of the motel are Lily and her husband Omkar, who travels in a wheelchair, tries the best hospitality they can provide, but a suspicious turn of events makes Indresh less concerned. Is there anyone else in your house? Are you safe at night? That is what forms the crux of the movie.

In addition to Midnight Error, the short film by Rare Stones Production, UNFINISHED DIARY, made this year has been much appreciated and was recently selected at an international film festival. There is a more interesting project in progress: a film titled Mithyabhaas.