Mangala Gowri Madve Update, September 2: Rajeev receives a great welcome

In the last episode of Mangala Gowri Madve Rajeev, with the evidence hinting at Mangala as the murderer, decides to arrest her. He calls Mangala and learns that he is currently staying at his parents' house. Then he informs you about your visit. He disconnects the call and asks Inspector Praveen to accompany him in the arrest of Mangala along with the police officers.

Without realizing the reason behind Rajeev's arrival, Mangala is excited to meet him. Upon hearing the good news, Mangala and her parents decorate her house and invite the whole town to welcome Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Vaani fears being arrested by Rajeev. She remembers how she had stabbed Surya to death and worries about Sneha and Ananth's reaction when Rajeev exposes her secret.

After a while, Vaani decides to commit suicide before Rajeev can arrest her. Then he visits Ananth and Sneha in the living room and talks to them in a very unusual way. Ananth suspects Vaani's unusual behavior and transmits the same to Sneha.

On the other hand, Rajeev receives a great welcome from the villagers when he arrives to arrest Mangala. They accompany him to Mangala's house in a great procession.

Simultaneously, Mangala is unaware of the purpose of Rajeev's visit and is excited to meet with her husband.