Serena celebrates her daughter's 'cake day' with the entrance of QF

NEW YORK: the only check in Serena Williams '6-3, 6-4 victory over Croatian Petra Martic in the fourth round US Open arrived when the American rolled on her ankle and went to the court. With a total of 2 in the second set to reach a volley, the 37-year-old woman twisted her foot, after which she received medical attention.

It affected me mentally because I had a difficult year with injuries. I was like, oh my God, not again, said Williams, who plays the Chinese Qiang Wang in the quarterfinals on Tuesday.

The eighth seed, whose religious beliefs do not allow him to celebrate birthdays, so he called the date of birth of his daughter Olympia on Sunday as `` cake day, '' he said he can usually say immediately if the fall has severely affected I know if it's horrible from the beginning. I had a very bad ankle sprain in January. I thought, instantly, 'No, this can't happen. I'm finally healthy, 'said Williams. But I will see him tomorrow. So far I am fine. I've been driving it. We will see it tomorrow.

I definitely wanted to have a better plan this time. He should probably have seen a coach in Australia, Williams said. I definitely thought about that (Australia), because I thought, I'm finally healthy. The last thing I want is to have another bad ankle sprain. I just wanted to compress it and hit it even harder and that at least I can try to finish the game.

Williams coach Patrick Mouratoglou extended the condition of the 37-year-old. What is more important is how it feels than what the ankle looks like. The ankle looks good. Do not feel much pain. Feel something, but it's acceptable, he said before adding, We'll know tomorrow when it's working. to be cold.

Mouratoglou, Williams's former coach, said his game was getting sharper with every game. The goal is not to lose in the final. It happened three times, he said about the stumbling block of the 23-time main winner in the title round, twice at Wimbledon (2018 and 19) and at the US Open last year.

A final is not a match like any other. I know he has played a lot in his life, but still, there is a special emotion in a final, especially when you are supposed to win, when they call you Serena you are supposed to win all the time.

He emphasized: When you have emotions, you are tighter than normal, it is important that you have a plan B, that you feel that, if this does not work, I can do other things. When you're not fit, you don't have a Plan B. The stress level increases because you have no other choice. Mouratoglou added: That's why I thought it was important for her to return to her best form, because when you are able to move or hit well, you can still put the ball into play. Then you slowly recover your rhythm.