South India received step-maternal treatment, will play a key role in writing Modi: Shashi Tharoor

NEW DELHI: Claiming South India" Stepmotherly" Steps Treatment Under The Modi Government, Senior Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor Said The South Will Play A Key Role In Radiating The Ruling Dispensation And Overwhelming Side Of Congress.

Emphasizing That All Parts Of The Country Are Equally Important To Congress And Similarly Wanted, He Said Party Chair Rahul Gandhi ' S Decision To Fight From Kerala ' S Wayanad Sent A Message That, According To Congress, The Concerns And Aspirations Of Southern States Will Not Be Ignored At The Center.

I Think The South Will Certainly Play An Instrumental Role In Determining The Political Destiny Of The Country, With Name In The Context Of Writing Out The Present Pronunciation, Under Whose Term Of Office, The South Has A Comprehensible Case Of Stepmother Treatment Center, Thoor Has Told PTI In An Interview.

He Claimed That In The Last Five Years Of The BJP Rule There Was Talk Of A" Widespread Attack." In The Spirit Of Cooperative Federalism That Has Held The Country Together Since Independence.

This Is Partly Due To Cultural Factors Such As The Beef Ban And The Urge To Impose Hindi As A National Language, But Also Due To Larger Problems Such As The Riot About The Task Description Of The 15th Financial Commission That Has Consequences For The Financial And Political Southern States, He Said.

Congress, In Particular With Rahul Gandhi ' The Decision To Fight From The South Has Made A Very Effective Outreach To The Southern States, Said The Former Union Minister.

The Chief Officer Of The Congress Fighting From Wayanad Has Sent A Clear Message That Under The Congress, The Concerns And Aspirations Of These States Will Not Be Ignored In The Center, Especially Not Among A Potential Prime Ministerial Candidate Who Will Be Selected From South, Tharoor Said.

" As My Own Experiences In Kerala Tell Me, This Message Has Been Received On A Large Scale And In The Majority And It Is Clear That The South Will Be Overwhelmingly Party To Congress As The Most Credible Alternative To The Current Ruling Dispensation," Said 63 -year-old Leader.

Thooroor, Who Is Looking For A Third Street Lok Sabha Thiruvanathapuram's Term, Which Went To The Polls On 23 April, Also Claimed That There Would Be A Coalition Government In The Center After The Elections And That The Coalition Would Probably Be UPA-3 Rather Than An NDA-3.

The Fundamental Fact That The Performance Of The BJP In 2014, Where They Have Secured 282 Chairs, Is Based On Simple Maths, A Performance That Is Impossible For Them To Repeat, Even If They Were Very Successful In The Government, Which They Were Deplorable , He Said.

Given How Poorly They Performed In The Government, The Extent Of Frustration And Disappointment About Their Performance Is Immense And Likely To Result In A Significant Reduction In Their Seats, He Claimed.

Tharoor Argued That The BJP Is Forced To Turn To Regional Parties For Support In Forming A Government, But Most Of Those Potential Partners Would Not Be Willing To Offer Their Support, Considering Their Worries And Voices" Reduced And Marginalized" Goods. Under The Modi-Shah Regime Of The Last 5 Years.

Many Of Those Who Joined The NDA Burned Their Fingers - Many Then Left Their Former Alliance With BJP Or Openly Crossed It This Gives A Clear Signal That Connecting To The BJP Has A High Price, He Claimed.

In Contrast, Congress Presented A Convincing And Credible Story Across The Country And Implemented An Effective And Energetic Campaign During The Current Elections, He Said.

This, Along With The Increasing Anti-BJP Wave And The Historic Record And The Ability Of Congress To Work With Regional Partners, Makes It Clear That When The Coalition Government Is Formed, This Will Certainly Be The Return Of The UPA, Tharoor Claimed .

About Rahul Gandhi Could Be The Forerunner To Opposition ' S Prime Ministerial Choice, He Said Gandhi Is The Party Chief And That If Congress Gets A Majority, He Will Be Prime Minister.

If The Government Is A Coalition, This Is Of Course A Decision That Is Taken Jointly By Leadership Of The Parties That Form The Coalition And Will Take Place Through Established Processes And Conventions, He Said.

This Is Probably Only Discussed When The Result Of The Elections Becomes Clear, He Added.

Tharoor, However, Said That Gandhi Has The Right Qualities To Be An Excellent Premier For The Country. PTI ASK ASK