Bigg Boss Tamil 3, episode 71, September 2, 2019, written update: Kavin Raj and Losliya Mariyanesan face Vanitha Vijayakumar

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 , Losliya Mariyanesan have an open discussion with Cheran in which she asks whether he expresses kindness as father from the heart or for the sake of camera. Cheran says, her increased closeness with Kavin has made her to doubt him. He asks Losliya to reduce closeness with Kavin.

Losliya communicates her message about staying restrained with Kavin. Kavin says, he is ready to be answerable to Losliya, her family members and her close circles. But, he doesn’t like to be answerable to father-like Cheran and others in the issue of his closeness with Losliya. Bigg Boss instructs housemates to nominate two names of their choice. As Vanitha Vijayakumar It's the captain, she gets nomination immunity. Bigg Boss asks colleagues to follow the open nomination process. Sherin Shringar nominates Kavin and Losliya and says, a good relationship is blooming between them. There are lots of obstacles for them in the house and she wants them to explore their relationship without hurting each other outside the house. They should be allowed their privacy to carry on with their relationship peacefully without any interference of any sort.While nominating Cheran and Sherin, Kavin says Cheran has seen grand successes (like National awards, State awards) in his life. Kavin says, even Sherin is similar to Cheran who has gained ample name and fame. It would be nice if Cheran and Sherin gives space for space for the budding talents in the house. Cheran and Vanitha says that, the reasons given by Kavin is like creating sympathy for Tharshan Thiyagarajah , Mugen Rao and Losliya Sandy Master nominates Kavin and Losliya. He breaks down and says, he has lost the old Kavin and Losliya. Later, Kavin also breaks down. Vanitha passes comments on their act of breaking down.Sherin gives advice to Kavin to let Losliya to maintain the balance in her bonding with Cheran and Kavin. Practicing the art of coexistence would solve most of the issues for everyone.Vanitha passes judgements that she isn’t able to take up the breaking down of housemates in the issue of nomination. Many deserving and serious contestants like Sakshi Agarwal and Reshma have got eliminated. Kavin says, he cannot be hard and cunning like Vanitha without any emotions. Vanitha is the only one to make her re-entry into the show in all the three seasons put together. So, it isn’t right for her to speak much in their affairs.Losliya says, just like Vanitha everyone has the right to express their emotions and Vanitha and others cannot stop anyone from expressing it.As Vanitha keeps on arguing, Kavin says, even the audience could have been offended by the re-entry of Vanitha. Once voted out from the show, her re-entry could bother them someway as the contestant evicted by them have made re-entry as wild card. The argument goes on and on without any amicable closure.Kavin reiterates that, he would want Tharshan, Mugen and Losliya to win the title. He would do everything possible for their victory. If he is to get evicted for that reason, he would happily move out of the show.Finally, Bigg Boss says that Kavin, Losliya, Mugen, Sherin and Cheran are nominated for probable eviction this weekend.