Nationals: Virdhawal, Divya produce national records on day 4

BHOPAL: bronze medalist of the Asian Games Virdhawal Khade & Divya Satija obliterated their own national records to win gold in the men's & women's 50m breaststroke event respectively on the third day of the 73rd Glenmark Senior National Aquatic Championship Monday.

At the five-day meeting, which was held at the Prakash Taran Pushkar Bhavan, three new records were written.

Virdhawal created a national meet record in the men's 50m butterfly. He finished with a time of 00:24.19s & broke his own record (24.26s) set last year. Delete Mondal representing the Railroads he fought with Virdhawal blow by blow, but he had to settle for silver with a time of 00: 24.55s, while Mihir Ambre of Maharashtra finished third with a time of 00: 24.78s.

Divya, 23, representing Haryana, broke her own two-year record. She told Karnataka Nina Venkatesh while Jyotsna Pansare of Maharashtra ranks third.

Divya not only won the gold but also set the national timekeeping record 00: 28.33 seconds.

The Karnataka relay team recorded the third record of the day. In the 4x100 metre men's medley relay, the quartet of Srihari Nataraj, Likith SP, Rakshith Shetty, & Prithvi M powered to the finish line in 3:48.83 to clinch the gold medal.

Rujuta Khade emerged as the fastest swimmer in the country with the 50-meter freestyle title. Her husband Virdhawal had won the men's 50 meter freestyle event yesterday.

In the women's 1500m freestyle, Richa Mishra (Police) achieved top honors with a time of 17: 55.55, followed by Bhavika Dugar of Tamil Nadu, who scored 17: 57.67, Khushi Dinesh of Karnataka finished third 17: 58.14


Mens: 400m potpourri: Siva S (Kar) 4: 33.01, 1; T Emil Robin Singh (Railways) 4: 36,68, 2; Jayant M (Services) 4: 41.21, 3. 200 m breaststroke: Likith SP (Kar) 2: 18.61, 1; Danush S (TN) 2: 19,11, 2; M Lohith (Railways) 2: 19.94, 3.

50m butterfly: Virdhawal Khade (Mah) 24.19, (NMR, OR: Virdhawal Khade 24.26, Thiruvananthapuram, 2018) 1; Delete Mondal (Railways) 24.55, 2; Mihir Ambre (Mah) 24.78.

4x100m combined relay: Karnataka (Srihari Nataraj, Likith SP, Rakshith Shetty, Prithvi M) (NMR) 3: 48.83; SSCB: (Arvind Mani, Ashish Tokas, Shivaksh Sahu, Anand AS) 3: 52.11; RSPB (Soumyait Saha, Supriya Monday, Vira Prabhu, M Lohith) 3: 52.93.

Woman: 1500m freestyle: Richa Mishra (Pol) 17: 55.55, 1; Bhavika Dugar (TN) 17: 57.67, 2; Khushi Dinesh (Kar) 17: 58.14, 3,200 m of breaststroke: Apeksha Fernandes (Mah) 2: 41.89, 1; Saloni Dalal (Kar) 2: 42.50, 2; Jyoti Patil (Mah) 2: 42.76, 3.

50m butterfly: Divya Satija (Har) 28.33 (NR, OR: Divya Satija, 28.64, Bhopal 2017), 1; Nina Venkatesh (Kar) 28.43, 2; Jyotsna Pansare (Mah) 28.74, 3. 50m freestyle: Rujuta Khade (Mah) 26.72, 1; Kenisha Gupta (Mah) 26.90, 2; Avantika Chavan (Railways) 27.39, 3.

4x100m combined relay: Maharashtra (Yuga Birnale, Apeksha Fernandes, Kareena Shankta, Kensha Gupta) 4: 33.10; Karnataka (Riddhima Veerendra Kumar, Damini K Gowda, Saloni Dalal, Khushi Dinesh 4: 34.84; Tamil Nadu (Meenakshi VKR, Shriya Prasad, Shakthi B, Swarna K Harith) 4: 39.49.