Kahaan Hum update Kahaan Tum, September 2: Sonakshi is taken for questioning

In the last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum , reports the police officer Rohit and his family that Sonakshi It is being taken for questioning in relation to a murder case.

Everyone is shocked and Rohit along with Sippy brothers and Suman leave for police station.

On her way she informs Rohit that she doesn't why did Sonakshi go to Pune. Rohit is shocked and also comes to know that Suman is aware of their drama. She tells him how Netra told her about the same.

Suman asks Pari and Pulkit to arrive at the police station with their lawyer.

At the police station Sonakshi is being grilled by the officer. She tells him that she did not charge a single penny for the appearance at Mhatre's brother's wedding. Police officers are surprised and ask her the reason to which she says it is personal. Police officer asks her if she had an affair with Mhatre to which she refuses.

Sonakshi then tells him how Mhatre was blackmailing her. She had struck a deal with him about not releasing Pooja Sippy's wardrobe malfunction phonographs in the media. This is why she was in Pune as part of the deal.

Rohit, Suman and Sippy family ask the police officer to let them meet Sonakshi but they are not allowed to meet her. Rohit rushes somewhere and comes back with a special order for CM's office, which allows him to meet Sonakshi.

He is about to enter Sonakshi 's room where she is being interrogated and overhears that she was being blackmailed by Mhatre.