Sanjivani Update 2, September 2: Dr. Sid celebrates Dr. Ishani's birthday

The last episode of Sanjivani 2 Start with a man pointing a gun at everyone. Sid & Ishani try to handle the situation. The man’s son fall unconscious & the doctors rush him inside.

The resident doctors start fighting over a patient. Dr. Juhi comes & tells Dr. Ishani , Dr. Sid & Dr. Asha to go home & take rest. She doesn’t want overworked doctors in Sanjivani.

The trio leaves together. Dr. Asha & Dr. Sid want to party but Ishani is in no mood. Later, a few girls come & beat up Dr. Sid for his flirtatious behaviour.

Ishani recalls the boy must have swallowed a bullet. She rushes inside the hospital to stop the Magnetic resonance scan.

They reach on time & save the kid. Rishabh questions Ishani for stopping the scan.

The boy finally admits to having swallowed a bullet. Rishabh tells the trio to leave according to Dr. Juhi's order.

Ishani goes out partying with Sid & Asha. They celebrate Ishani ’s birthday. Asha tells though her birthday was on the joining day, they demand treate from Ishani .

The other resident doctors also join them.