Kasautii Zindagi Kay Update September 2: Anurag and Mr. Bajaj challenge each other to win Prerna

The episode of Kasautii Zindagi Kay Start with Prerna and Anurag talking to each other. She tries her best to tell Anurag to move on, but he refuses. He says he will win her one day and that he knows that his relationship with Mr. Bajaj was by his own name. She tries to leave and Mr. Bajaj who is watching them talk runs into Prerna. She leaves there and Anurag mocks Mr. Bajaj. He asks her to free Prerna from her senseless relationship. Mr. Bajaj says that he trusts Prerna and that she is now tied to him in a sacred relationship. Anurag challenges Mr. Bajaj to recover Prerna. Mr. Bajaj challenges him in return. Prerna comes and takes Mr. Bajaj.

Shivani tells Suman that she is not happy with Mr. Bajaj and will never forgive him. She says he has spoiled everyone's relationship.

Prerna sees that Mr. Bajaj is acting weird. She tries to talk to him but in vain.

The next morning, Prerna sees that Mr. Bajaj is behaving strangely with her and she asks him what happened, but he asks her to stay out of his life's worries. Sharda apologizes to Mr. Bajaj for jailing Veena and he understands her.

He receives a call from the office and finds out how Anurag had bribed a person in his office to meet the tender appointments. He gets mad at him. Anurag enjoys while Mr. Bajaj gets mad at him.