Nawaz Sharif goes back to jail when the bail of six weeks expires

LAHORE: Pakistan ' S Depressed Premier Nawaz Sharif Will Return To Kot Lakhpat Jail Here On Tuesday After The Expiry Of His Six-Week Bail In A Corruption Case In Which He Has Been Sentenced To Seven Years In Jail

The Triple Former Premier Is Expected To Surrender To Prison Authorities And A PML (N) Worker ' Rally, Which Will Be Led By His Daughter Maryam Nawaz.

Sharif, 69, Received Six Weeks Provisional Bail By The Supreme Court On March 26 In The Al-Azizia Mills Corruption Case To Undergo Medical Treatment And Filed The Petition On April 27 For A Permanent Bail That Was Affected Acute Anxiety And Depression.

The Deposit Ended Tuesday, When The Supreme Court Rejected His Request For A Review With The Request To Extend The Deposit On Medical Grounds. The Court Also Rejected The Former Prime Minister's Plea To Allow Him To Travel Abroad For Treatment.

Nawaz Sharif Will Return To Kot Lakhpat Jial Lahore On Tuesday In A Procession Of The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Workers. A Call Has Been Made To Workers To Meet At The Sharif Jati Umra Residence To March With Him To Prison, PML-N Spokesman Told PTI On Monday.

She Said That The PML-N Workers Would Be Happy To Go Against The Anti-people Policy Of Prime Minister Imran Khan 's And That They Were Waiting For A Telephone Call From The Management.

Aurangzeb Said That Maryam Will Accompany Her Father And Be Present In His Car. The Party Has Decided That It Will Remain With Its Father Until It Is Detained By The Prison Authorities.

The Interior Ministry Punjab Has Previously Instructed Sharif To Reach The Kot Lakhpat Prison On Tuesday At 5 Pm And Said That His Arrival Would Be In The Form Of A Demonstration Against The Law.

Protesting The Instructions, PML-N Leader Rana Sanaullah Told Geo News That Sharif's Bail Is Valid Until Midnight On May 7, And Asked Why He Should Reach The Prison At That Time.

Sharif, Triple Premier, Has Been In Jail For Seven Years In Prison Since He Was 24 Years Old When A Judge Sentenced Him In One Of Three Cases Of Corruption That Were Filed In The Wake Of The Apex Court ' S 28 July 2017 Order Within.

He Was Imprisoned In Adiyala Prison And Moved To Kot Lakhpat Prison On His Request.