Thonyaksharangal will inspire cybercrime victims to tell their truth, says Kavitha Nair

With her prolific performance in Ayalathe Sundari by director K K Rajeev, actress Kavitha Nair She showed that she not only embodies the beauty of her but can also act as such. The actress once again partnered with the director for the series. Thonyaksharangal but this time in a completely different role, as an independent fashion designer called Ancy Varghese .

“The protagonist Ancy is a popular face in the fashion circuit. Suddenly, his life turns around when a transformed video of it begins to circulate on social networks, ”says Kavitha. The theme of the series is inspired by the real-life story of a woman based in Thodupuzha, who decided to undertake a legal battle to prove her innocence in such a case.

The series that has completed 50 episodes focuses on real problems that happen in society, especially with women, and Kavitha says his role captures those struggles from the point of view of victims of cybercrimes.

Ask her why she opts for bold and intense characters on-screen, and she says that it is her way of experimenting with acting. “I was flooded with projects when Ayalathe Sundari had reached its end and also when I started shooting for Thonyaksharangal. Each of those subjects had the same-old family drama, fights, love or unrequited love as the main storylines. There was nothing new, ”she says.

Kavitha was incidentally approached for Thonyaksharangal by KK Rajeev after he finished filming his movie Evide. Ancy's role is challenging and I love and respect her character very much, she explains, and adds that the role is an inspiration for women who are victims and harassed in society.

The series also moved the female audience, and many sent her messages to tell her how they had to remain silent for fear of losing their family and their marriage after being threatened in such crimes. “When someone transforms photos of celebrities like us, you can easily verify that it is false and our family also understands it. But it is quite the opposite with ordinary women. They shatter and scare, and often do not show up to prove their innocence. This series and Ancy are dedicated to such women, to give them the strength to reveal their truth to society and live with their heads held high, Kavitha explains.

Meanwhile, he says that waiting for papers that demonstrate one's caliber of action while abstaining from the usual can be a challenge. I am selective in my work, she says. “But sometimes, I could leave you down. I am determined to make projects that have life in them or that have something unique to offer the public. It was as if he had to sacrifice nine out of 10 projects to get the one he wanted. Therefore, it can take time and make us lose money and fame, to get that special role. But we still care about that. ”

Apart from Thonyaksharangal, the actress was also the host of the recently-concluded travel show Silk Route, and it had her stoked as she is a great lover of saris. “After the show, I am well informed about the technical details that you must look for while choosing a sari. I now prefer handloom saris as they are woven with a lot of love, dreams and hope. I have seen their struggle to make a living through their products. So, even if the cost is high for me, I still opt for it, ”she says.

Kavitha also looks forward to the release of his next movie Eelam, directed by debutant Vinod Krishna. “I play an alcoholic for the first time in the film aimed at women, in the context of a bar. It's about surrealism, ”he concludes.