Mimi has her hands full in Ganesh Chaturthi

Actress converted to MP Mimi Chakraborty , which is common in its constituency ( Jadavpur ), is known to be very accessible. Previously, the actress had talked about the need for overpasses at railroad crossings in her constituency and is working on it. “I am busy with a lot of work in my constituency now. I am trying to simplify things so that everything gets settled soon. The people of my constituency chose me because they had faith in me. Therefore, I will try to prove that they were not wrong in their decision, ”said the actress who will be busy opening a Ganesh Puja on Monday.

“I have Ganesh Puja in my house in Diwali. I go to Kumartuli to buy the idol as I ask beforehand. This year, I also have many invitations and it is difficult to choose where to go in such a short time. And I like the concept of ecological idols, which are very fashionable now. We can only save nature by doing this. It's been a long time since I stopped using plastic products and I like the concept that restaurants have started using paper straws, ”said the actress, devoted to Ganesh.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a very popular festival in Maharashtra and in the south, but now, Kolkata has also taken over the celebrations in a big way. It is known that Ganesha destroys negativities in us and helps remove obstacles from our paths so we can experience peace and happiness, Mimi said.

Mimi is currently reading two or three scripts and will decide one soon. “Movies are my passion and acting is something I love to do. Then, I will soon decide what movie to make and sign on the dotted lines, ”said the actress.