Divya Drishti Update September 1: Divya and Drishti return to Shergill's house

The episode of Divya Drishti Start with Romi crying for the death of Drishti and Divya. Please God to bring back Drishti and Divya. Pishachini performs the tehrvi puja. Kaal Devta and Raingini accompany Pishachini. Pishachini panics and the three gems do not appear before her. Raingini can't find the gems in the building. Kaal Devta gets mad at Pishachini. Pishachini says she had other plans to obtain the gems. Drishti and Divya returned and it is a miracle. Welcome to Ganpati Bappa. Divya and Drishti rescue a child from danger.

Drishti and Divya use their powers to lift an ambulance in the air. Rakshit gains awareness and returns to Shergill's house. Drishti decides to approach Shergills, but Divya stops her by telling him that Pishachini was powerful. Drishti gets angry. Divya makes him understand that they would face Pishachini but with an adequate plan.

Drishti convinces Divya by saying that they were powerful and that they could defeat Pishachini. Divya feels reluctant to visit Shergill's house. She says she could have killed Shikhar and now she can't face anyone in the family. Drishti tries to slap Divya with anger. She says that the man who killed was not Shikhar but his double.

Divya and Drishti suddenly realize that their personalities had been exchanged and, as a result, Drishti could move things with his powers exactly like Divya. Drishti and Divya arrive at the Shergill house. Rakshit opens the door and asks for them. Divya and Drishti were surprised to see that Rakshit did not recognize them. Pishachini comes from behind and calls Rakshit with love. Drishti changes her appearance using powers and becomes a saleswoman. She decides to enter the house. Pishachini tells Rakshit that he was her husband and should only focus on her. Divya changes her appearance and becomes a saleswoman. Pishachini does not let Drishti and Divya enter the house.