Sarika will produce the work of Aamir Khan's daughter, Ira

Veteran actress Sarika He has become a theater producer and will back up a superstar play Aamir Khan the daughter of Ira Khan , who is like your own baby.

Sarika has started her production house NautankiSa Productions , and joins her friend Sachin Kamani and her youngest daughter Akshara.

While they have already started working on a work in Hindi, they will also join the debut as director of Ira with the work in English, Euripides' Medea.

We were already in producer mode as we were working on a Hindi play. It was then that Ira called me and said she wanted me to act in her play. I didn't want to act so instead I offered to produce it, said Sarika.

Ira is like my own baby, so I was more than happy to be a part of him. In addition, I was impressed by her vision of the work and trusted her as director, he added.

The 60 Club actress stopped acting in 2016.

No exciting scripts and roles were offered and, instead of complaining and expecting a good script, something that the actors usually end up doing, I thought taking a break was a better idea, he said.

... and do something that I had not done before and that new space was the theater, something that I have always loved, but only as an audience. Unlike movies, in the theater I was a stranger and today, after two and a half years, I am part of the theater family in a small and very happy way. It is one of my good decisions.