Sidharth Bharathan got married

The actor and director Sidharth Bharathan got hooked with his old friend Sujina Sreedharan. Son of veteran filmmaker Bharathan and actor KPAC Lalitha, Sidharth Bharathan married on Sunday in a private ceremony held in Vadakancherry, Thrissur.

This is Sidharth's second wedding. He was previously married to Jagathy Sreekumar She is Anju's niece. However, the couple separated in 2013. Actors Srindaa a and Manju Pillai attended the wedding.

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Sidharth Bharathan entered the entertainment world as an actor through the 2001 film, 'Nammal'. He made his first adventure as a director remaking his father's movie, 'Nidra'. Sidharth himself played the lead against Rima Kallingal. Later directed Chandrettan Evideya '. Sidharth has announced a project, 'Jinn' casting Soubin Shahir & Nimisha Sajayan . The project is currently in preproduction.