Ganpati Bappa Moraya! Marathi celebrities welcome Bappa to their homes

From making modaks to sculpting idols of Lord Ganesha at home and celebrating in an ecological way, the excitement of celebrating Ganeshotsav is high among Marathi celebrities. We take you on a tour with celebrities and how they celebrate the festival this year ...

One of the reasons I married Umesh was because he celebrated Ganesh's bid at home: Priya Bapat


“Before I got married, I used to stay with my parents in a fight in Dadar, Mumbai and the Ganesh bid held there is still close to my heart. I would say that everything that is good in my life began from there, all my acting lessons and my stage performances. When I started working and moved from that house, I always had this desire to keep Bappa at home. I can say that one of the reasons I married Umesh was because he celebrated Ganesh's bid at home. We keep six days of bidding at home with Gauri, which we keep in Umesh's uncle's house. Umesh and I have been married for eight years and this is our seventh Ganesha at home. I try to match the standards of what Umesh's mother used to do. I keep the decoration very minimalist since I feel that less is more. For the six-day celebration, we have six different menus at home; We do not repeat a single thing. We have varan-bhat with a vegetable sauce and a dry one. Then, for six days, we will have twelve different vegetables. And everything I prepare is from scratch. I also make six different sweets, such as modak, kheer, dudhi halwa, srikhand, kiss laddu, gajar halwa at home. In addition, these are the only six days of the year in which I can dress every day with the best Maharashtrian finery. ”

Ganeshotsav for me is about linking with Bappa: Amruta Khanvilkar

 Amruta Khanvilkar  (2)

“Ganeshotsav for me is about joining with my Bappa. This time, instead of eating sweets, I plan to eat only fruits during the 10 days of the Ganesh festival. I think it is a wonderful way to detoxify and connect with your body and soul, in an integral way. In the 10 days, ukadiche modak will be prepared at home. As an effort to do my part for the environment, I have decided not to bring an idol from the market. Instead, we will decorate the Bappa idol we already have at home and opt for a symbolic immersion. In this way, the Vignaharta stays with me forever. ”

There is a competition to eat modak in my house and it is also my mother's birthday: Amey Wagh

Amey_Wagh (1)

“I lived in a joint family with 60 strangers in a society in Pune. We all used to celebrate the festival together, but 15 years ago, everyone left home and settled in different cities to work. But the factor that unites all the remains is Ganeshotsav. Our Ganesha family is over 30 years old and the festival has always been an occasion to showcase my talent. This year is a double celebration for me, since this week my mother celebrates her birthday and we celebrate the bidding, so it is a very exciting matter at home. The best ritual we have in our house is that we prepare Ukadiche Modak together. And there is a competition to eat modak in my house. We have an ecological Ganesha and we submerge it in a bucket at home and then the water is used for gardening. ”

Ganeshtosav is about eating modaks made by my mother: Lopamudra Raut

lopa (1)

The idol of Bappa has been made in our house for more than 50 years, since my father was eight years old. When I was a child, every time I brought home a Ganesha idol, it broke. Then, he took it as a sign and began making his own idol, using clay by the river in Wardha and the tradition has continued to date. But now I have assumed this tradition of making idols for five years. I am very excited that during the 10 days, my mother prepares different types of modaks at home, including puran che modak and ukadi che modak.

I suffered a serious shoulder injury, but that will not prevent me from performing dhol-tasha: Suyash Tilak

Suyash (2)

Although I will not be able to attend the first day of Ganeshtosav in Pune, I will join the rest of the celebrations in the city. Every year, I perform dhol-tasha and this year also, on the seventh day, I will perform in Pune. I had some serious shoulder injuries and I took a month out of work because I am so excited to act here while I'm excited. Our Ganesha family is over 35 years old. And all the good things that have happened to me are the blessings of Bappa. ”

I began to hone my skills as an artist during Ganeshotsav: Vaibhav Tatwawaadi

vaibhav (4)

“This year, I will not be able to go to my hometown, Nagpur, for the festival, but I plan to enjoy every moment of this beautiful occasion. As I am one of the active members of the Ganeshotsav committee of our housing society, we have planned many cultural events and a community meal. There is also a performance planned by one of the dhol tasha pathaks and we will all dance to the rhythm of those exciting rhythms. This festival brings out the child in me. The fact is that I began to hone my skills as an artist in Nagpur only during Ganesh Utsav. From works of an act to dance performances, I loved this social platform that prepared me for my trip to the cinema ”.

I've been making my own Ganesha idol for 20 years at home: Raqesh Bapat



“I've been making my own Ganesha idol at home for 20 years. When I was a child in school, I learned this art from a craftsman at the Datta Maharaj Temple in Pune. Being an artistic child, I enjoyed watching him make beautiful Ganeshas, ​​using muddy mud from the river and this tradition has stayed with me. I use poster colors and let my imagination take over; there is never a plan on the subject, etc. Interestingly, this is the first time that I celebrate the festival with all my clan in Pune. On the day of visarjan, there will be an open day, where family and friends will come for lunch and dinner. ”

For Vaibhav, Pooja and me, our Ganesh home is our bappa: Bhushan Pradhan

Bhushan_Pradhan (2)

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“Four years ago I got a house in Mumbai and that was the moment I decided to take Lord Ganesha home, rather I got possession of my house on Ganesh Chaturthi day. Since then, it is the fourth year that we keep the bid at home. The best part is that we celebrate it in a very different way. I am from Pune and now I stay in Mumbai, but my mother made the idol in my Pune house using shadu clay. From Pune, we take the idol to Mumbai, so we also have the connection to Mumbai-Pune house. The idol is completely ecological, so the decoration and the visarjan take place at home. After visarjan, what we do is with the remaining clay, that we make some toys at home, like an elephant, etc. Vaibhav and Pooja Sawant always come to our place and we call it Our Bappa. Although I am not very spiritual as a person, I feel that celebrating the festival with guests and family at home connects me with the Lord.