When I am Ma Chandi's avatar, I feel an inner strength: Nabanita Malakar

Actress Madhuja, who plays the lead role in Mangal. Chandi , has been replaced by Nabanita Malakar. The actress has cited personal reasons for leaving the show.nNabanita Malakar was last seen as Nafisa in Arabya Rajani and before that, as Lakhipriya in Mahaprabhu Sree Chaitanya. His transformation from a pious Lakshmipriya to a cheerful Nafisa, the warrior daughter of the Sultan of Samaraa, had left the spectators hypnotized with her performance. From her body language to appearance, Nabanita had transformed quite well. Before that, he worked for Ei Cheleta Bhelbheleta and Punyipukur. The actress made her debut in Aponjon .

The daily soap, Mangal Chandi, was launched on August 5. Nabanita, who is excited to portray this new role, said, “Ma Chandi is another version of Ma Durga. Since childhood, I have always wanted to play the role of Durga. During Mahalaya, I used to get up early in the morning and listen to the entire broadcast. So, this is a dream role for me. When I am Ma Chandi’s avatar, I feel an inner strength and it motivates me to perform even better. The character is a very inspiring one. ”

The show narrates the legend of goddess Chandi and her deep-rooted bond with her worshippers. Eager to establish her cult, Devi Chandi conspires to recruit Dhanapati, an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, by making him fall in love with her devotee Khullona. But, Devi Chandi’s plans take an unexpected turn and she decides to rain down her wrath on the young couple to teach them a lesson, causing a rigmarole between a goddess and a devotee. Adrija Roy plays the role of Khullona.