Highlights of Kapil Sharma Show, September 1: Kapil Sharma reveals that he had failed a subject at university

The last episode of The Kapil Sharma show Start with Kapil telling Archana that he basically has no job. In the program, she sits and laughs, and at home, her husband Parmeet works in the kitchen department.

Kapil then tells several jokes and makes the audience laugh.

Shraddha Kapoor & Sushant Singh Rajput Decorate the stage.

Kapil asks Shraddha if the boys ever flirted with her in the United States. Then he adds saying that in India, no man would try to flirt with her. If the boys mess with her, then Shraddha's father would run after their mothers.

He asks Shraddha why she dropped out of college & wasted her father’s money. She said that she got audition offers & dropped out of Boston University. However, she advises others to complete education.

Sushant speaks about hostel curfew timings & Archana agrees with him. Kapil is shocked to know this & asks her if she really went to college. Archana retorts & tells Kapil that he doesn’t even know how to spell college. Kapil flaunts his English & tells, “Excuse me, I have done PG Diploma in Commercial Arts’.

However, he later reveals that he had failed on a subject. Archana says it has happened with great success in life.

Kiku Sharda comes dressed Baccha Yadav’s London brother. He appreciates Shraddha Kapoor ’s act in Stree. He says, Kapil turns all the men here into Stree & points towards Archana.

He continues to add that Navjot Singh Sidhu He kept saying: Oh Stree, Kal ana (Hello woman, come tomorrow). But Archana did not listen.

Director Nitesh Tiwari joins the other actors in the film.

Shraddha’s best friend from school & college comes to meet her.

The other actors share their life experiences with everyone.