Kevin Hart suffers serious back injuries in a car accident

Actor-comedian Kevin Hart He has suffered serious back injuries and is hospitalized after a major car accident in California.

The accident happened just before 1 a.m. on Sunday on the winding and treacherous Mulholland road. The video of the accident scene shows Hart's car in a ravine about 10 feet from the road, an American sensational news website reported.

The vehicle crashed into the wooden fences along the roadside, and its roof was completely crushed.

Police confirmed that the vehicle belongs to Hart, but they said he was not driving at the time of the accident.

There were two others in the car, including the driver, and police said Hart and the driver suffered serious back injuries.

The third person is a woman who did not require hospital treatment.

Police say the driver had not been drinking.

Kevin first got out of the vehicle and, according to a witness, a member of his safety team appeared in an SUV and picked it up. The actor lives nearby and police say he went home to receive medical attention.

He was finally taken to a hospital.