A tribal gift of food, dance and music for 6 days.

A six-day Dharohar Samaroh was organized in Madhya Pradesh. Tribal museum where from tribal songs, dances and kitchens were there. Tribal people from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Arunachal Pradesh, Jharkhand and Tripura were present. The groups interpreted the songs and dances that are generally performed on auspicious occasions such as marriage, prayers and births. The center of attraction of the event was the counters of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in which, from the main dishes of the Northeast, such as lamb and chicken curry, to the entrees such as chat and kulfi were present. Medical student and food blogger Madhurima Dutta attended the event with her sister. She says: “Events like helping us realize that there is still much to explore in this country. For me, this is how we all come. In the food section, I loved the Litti Chokha, served by Kusheshwar Kewat and the Jharkhand group. In addition, I had a delicious dish of hot momo with the traditional spicy red chili sauce from the northeast. ”