Get a life: Gavaskar for those who criticize Bumrah's action

KINGSTON: legendary hitter Sunil Gavaskar has lashed out at the people who criticized Jasprit Bumrah The action after he became the third Indian bowler to pick up a hat-trick in Cricket test .

Moments after Bumrah got rid of his triplet on the second day of the ongoing Test against the West Indies in the Sabina Park commentator become a cricket player Ian Bishop He made a shocking revelation.

While commentating on Saturday, Bishop stated that 'some people' had questioned the legality of Bumrah's bowling action and said: I cannot believe some people questioning the legality of Jasprit Bumrah 's action.

Its action is unique, but it is within the rules of the game. In fact, it is one of the cleanest. Some people really need to look in the mirror, Bishop added,

Given this, Gavaskar, who was also present in the comment box, expressed his disbelief. Can you name them? Who are these people who question Bumrah's action? Gavaskar asked.

Let's look closely ... A few steps and then take momentum and finally release the ball with a straight arm. Now tell me at what point your arm is bent. It is perfectly fine.

People should really make a living, Gavaskar added by explaining the bowling action of the 25-year-old Indian player.

Bumrah finished with figures of 27/6 in the first innings, helping India face the West Indies for only 117. The West Indies are 45/2 in their pursuit of 468 in the second Test.