The new television program Durga Durgeshwari will launch today

TV actress Sandipta Sen He became a household name with his debut television show Durga. Launched in 2008, daily soap was an instant success. The on-screen pair of Sandipta and Gourab Chatterjee It became very popular. Keeping nostalgia alive, a new Durga Durgeshwari show will begin its journey from today (September 2). With the new pair of Biswarup Bandyopadhyay and Sampunaa Mondal, daily soap is ready to tell the eternal story that good overcomes evil.

A few days before Durga puja, the creators decided to launch the show.

The popular actor Biswarup will play the character Omkar, whose family is controlled by a lady named Ujjwayini, an astrologer. From a rich businessman to powerful politicians, everyone seeks Ujjwayini's help to find solutions to their problems. Omkar protests since he knows the real motive of Ujjwayini. The crooked woman and her brother take Omkar in their custody and keep him captive for a long time. Gradually, Omkar loses his mental stability.

Durga, on the other hand, is a beautiful town. He lost his parents at an early age and considers Maa Durga as his mother. She is a blessed girl. Following destiny, he marries Omkar and helps him lead a normal life once again. Sampurnaa, who left the audience impressed with his powerful performance in Rani Rashmoni, is starring in this show.

In addition to a new track, the program also promises to take the public on a new trip. Sahana, who deals with the creative aspects of the program, is one of the most successful narrators of Bengali television. From taking pictures to background music, Durga Durgeshwari promises to be a visual gift for viewers. It will be interesting to see how daily soap rates on TRP lists attract the audience with their history.