Row of 'Gumnaami': the blocking horns of Srijit and Netaji on social networks

Although the censor has passed with zero cuts, the controversy surrounding Gumnaami does not seem to be close to ending. The disagreement between director Srijit Mukherji & Chandra Kumar Bose , the grand nephew of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose & BJP Vice President of West Bengal is getting worse as it has now resulted in a verbal duel on social media.

“Why #srijitspeaketh deliberately avoids the angle of KD Upadhayay, a murderer, in his film that was also rumored to be GumnamiBaba? Srijit states that he has covered all possibilities, but has he done so? ”, Asked the relative Netaji in his last tweet.

Srijit, en su respuesta, también aclaró su punto. Nunca dije que había considerado todas las posibilidades, SIEMPRE dije que la película muestra las 3 posibilidades principales sobre la MUERTE de NETAJI explorada por el informe de la Comisión Mukherjee & no está en claro Gumnaami Slime. U see, @Chandrabosebjp, I don't change my stance every alternate tweet;) # Gumnaami. ”

Watch the tweets here:

Directed by Srijit Mukherji & produced by SVF, ‘ Gumnaami ’ will explore the myth surrounding a mysterious sadhu often addressed as Gumnaami Baba & Prosenjit Chatterjee It will be seen in the title role.

There are so many rumors & conspiracy theories on Netaji's return to India after his supposed death in Taihoku plane crash. Srijit’s upcoming film’s plot is one of those rumours which apparently set the crux of the film. The film draws inspiration from Anuj Dhar & Chandrachur Ghosh’s book ‘CONUNDRUM, Subhas Bose’s Life After Death’.

‘Gumnaami’ is set to release on October 2.