Keeping it elegant: fashion revival with Ranveer Singh and stylist Nitasha Gaurav

It started with a photo shoot ...
Style Ranveer singh It is as fun as it seems. Our partnership started when I designed it for a Rohan Sreshtha Filmfare session, around all its places in Bandra. We all enjoyed it so much that I designed it for a personal session. From these interactions, Ranveer felt that we had similar tastes when it came to fashion and hired me as his stylist. It is the absolute dream job. He not only has a great sense of fashion, but also the physical and arrogance so that everything he wears looks good. All jobs carry a responsibility and I take full responsibility for what Ranveer has. I never let him out wearing something I'm not 100% sure of. At the same time, he never uses something just because I want him to do it.

From the street to the star.

Ranveer has never given me a summary. I choose the clothes according to the event you attend. When he arrives, I offer him a choice of four or five different looks and I explain the thought behind them. Choose the one you like best and let's go with that. Each aspect has a piece of statement that stands out and regardless of who it goes with, which invariably shows.

I choose things that I think are more like his style, often from the street on a whim. I remember these crazy pajamas that I bought at Colaba Causeway, it made them all the rage. The next day, I received calls asking what designer I was wearing. In my travels, I accumulate rings, bracelets and chains that elevate any aspect, making it seem well armed.

He chooses his own clothes for casual outings, and strangely, they are almost always what he would choose if he were combing it. Because I've been working with him for so long, I think we're on the same wavelength. It is a good match.

That is a perfect combination!

A wedding is a very personal event and Ranveer wanted to work with designers close to him and also complement the appearance of Deepika (Padukone, wife). We work together to create a mixture of both sensibilities. I also dressed the Ranveer family for the different events.

Yes, Deepika's fashion sensibility has changed after marriage, but that's understandable. When you marry someone and live with him, some pieces should infect you. If they don't, you are doing something wrong. But if Deepika has begun to experiment more, Ranveer has also started looking for elegant looks. When they make appearances together, they sometimes dress in extravagant clothes and, on other occasions, keep it classy. The idea is to make a statement together.

Trolls, who?

Both Ranveer and I don't care about trolls. We do not read memes. If people talk about us, it means we are doing something remarkable. That's what fashion is about. I should start conversations even debates. What is the point of the opposite?


It is open to all silhouettes and ussr. For us, it is not so much to break stereotypes but to have fun. Who decided that men can't blush? Ranveer not only does it but it makes him look hot. I have to work with someone who takes care of everything. It is a liberation without limits.

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