Here is why Vinay Pathak was in Kolkata recently.

Experienced actor Vinay Pathak He was in Kolkata recently to finish dubbing his first Bengali movie Mitin Mashi. In the detective thriller directed by Arindam Sil , will be seen as a Parsi businessman whose son is kidnapped.

The Bollywood actor was in the city last week for three days. When talking about the movie, an excited Vinay said: This movie is a celebration of femininity. The best part of Arindamda is that he is the true captain of the ship. Control the floor without any stress and that helps the actors to perform better. .

Arindam Sil, the director himself is also all praise for the critically acclaimed character artiste. “Everyone on the floor is just blown away by his acting. He is a delight to work with, says Arindam who plans to make four more films on Mashi rally creating a franchise for the female detective character.

Koel Mallick plays the titular role of a woman who is as great at decoding the mystery as well as making new, delicious dishes. Koel's look also personifies she is a force to reckon with. The iconic female detective character Mashi rally has an aura of her own as she is a representative of women empowerment, so the body language has to match accordingly and Koel seems to be the ideal match.

While seasoned actor Vinay Pathak plays the Parsi Businessman, Subhrajit Dutta will be seen as Koel's husband Partha and Riya Banik will play Koel's niece Tuya in this detective thriller bankrolled by Camellia Films. Arindam Sil has chosen the story titled Haate Matro Teen Din by Suchitra Bhattacharya for the first movie on Mitin Masi.

Masi rally watching a Durga Puja pitch.

Image courtesy: Twitter