Bigg Boss Tamil 3, episode 70, September 1, 2019, written update: Kamal Haasan's announcement of non-eviction brings mixed reactions among housemates

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 , the host Kamal Haasan the episode begins saluting Elavenil Valarivan P.V. Sinhu and Manasi Joshi, known for their achievements.

Callers of the week ask Losliya Mariyanesan, why don't you get mad when Kavin the terms of its relationship with Cheran as nothing but 'mere drama'. Losliya becomes emotional and says, Cheran pretends to wait for her during the dinner. But, on Saturday when they had a special chicken meal, he didn't wait for her. Such an incident confuses her whether Cheran really cares for her or everything is for the camera. The public, present at the shooting sets, has the opportunity to ask the housemates questions. Mugen Rao is asked whether he plans to return Malaysia or settle in Tamil Nadu after the show. Mugen replies, his dream is to come to India and stay with the Tamil people. He wanted to use the opportunities he came across.nWhile replying a question, Kavin reiterates that the entire nation will be proud if Losliya, Tharshan Thiyagarajah and Mugen, who hail from Srilanka and Malaysia respectively, reach the finale. He is willing to sacrifice his chance to reach the finale and give it to them. Kamal Haasan asks the housemates to narrate a story with the set of placards given to them. Cheran gets disturbed by the unexpected comments by Losliya . The housemates take turns and narrate some interesting stories with the placards given to them. Due to emotional issues, Cheran refuses to narrate any story. Kamal Haasan gives a piece of advice regarding the issue between Cheran and Losliya .

Kamal suggests that anyhow daughters are destined to part away from their parents following the tradition. Hence, Cheran should give Losliya some freedom.Kamal also tries to cheer up Losliya . Then, he speaks about eviction and reads out the names of Sherin Shringar, Mugen Rao , Kavin and Vanitha. Kamal says, Mugen and Sherin are saved for the week.

Kamal suddenly throws the name card in his hand towards the audience and shows a short film with the announcement of no eviction, which he made in the last weekend. The housemates show mixed reactions for the announcement. Cheran tells Bigg Boss that his immunity power was of no use.Kamal makes it crystal clear that there would be eviction in the week ahead for sure. Kavin says if he loves someone and wishes to marry her, none can stop him. He hints at Losliya . Sherin seconds Kavin opinions and suggests him to show his emotion towards Losliya . As a captain, Vanitha proposes to bring in a few changes as no one else knows cooking except herself and Tharshan. She wants the housemates to get ready and learn cooking to survive in her absence. Vanitha says, she would supervise cooking and asks housemates to start.