Krishnakoli written update, September 1: Shyama meets Ramen Das for the album

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Shyama think about Ramen Das's offer, but somehow not convinced. Nikhil He comes and tries to convince her. She shares about her doubt and informs her to cancel.

Basanta comes and says there is no harm to sing. He asks Nikhil will accompany her to the recording studio.

Seeing her still hesitating, Basanta asks her to record the album for his sake. Suddenly Brindaban da asks them to come to the dining room. All the members are excited to celebrate Nikhil and Shyama’s anniversary.

Ashoke talks to Disha about their anniversary, but she fails to recall anything. It makes him upset, Nikhil tries to console him. Disha asks why Shyama and Nikhil address each other as ‘apni’, instead of ‘tumi’.

Basanta and Sujata ask them to address as tumi from now on. The couple feels uncomfortable, but Basanta gives them a week to start addressing as a tumi.

Shyama informs her parents all the plan about her marriage anniversary.

In two separate rooms Shyama and Nikhil practice how they would address each other from now on. Arun and Ashoke enter Nikhil’s room and tease him.

Disha comes to Nikhil’s room and they have a friendly chat. Shyama asks her to teach English and Disha promises her to teach.

Elsewhere, Ramen speaks talks to his assistant and shares his actual plan behind recording a duet song with Shyama. He asks his assistant to keep Nikhil away while they are recording.

At night, Shyama wakes up to a sound and notices Disha isn’t sleeping next to her. She notices a shadow and tries to catch hold the intruder. But the person pushes her and runs away. Later, she tells all the family members that the intruder was a woman.

Radha comes home and tells Rukmini that Shyama almost caught her.

Next day, Shyama is busy

arranging necessary things for Janmashtami. Nikhil reminds him of his rehearsal.

Nikhil accompanies Shyama to the rehearsal. Shyama asks Nikhil to wait while she practices.