Ke Apon Ke By written update, September 1: Joba shares all the details with the police officer

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Joba , Param , Kuhu and Joy knows the thugs. They realize their faults and apologize to the child.

They also inform that an unknown lady bribed them to bring harm to their family and provoked against Joba. They also show the phone number from which the anonymous lady had called.

Instead to punishing the goons, Joba asks them to get involved in the puja arrangements.

Param takes help from the experts and learns that the calls to the goons were from their house. This leaves Joba all panicked.

They wonder who might be conspiring against them. Suddenly Joba says it must be Rinki since her mom Saheli never wanted Joba’s family to be happy. Param says Rinki is a changed person.

The couple decides to stay up all night to watch closely.

Tandra intends to visit Amiya’s room to steal the property documents. Joba gets alert listening to a sound. Joba and Param rush to the kitchen area and notice a shadow.

Tandra gets anxious seeing them but hides herself. To their surprise it’s Rinki. Joba and Param get shocked.

Suddenly, they listen to a sound and rush. They fail to find something in the dark. Itu and Sarthak also come. Joba notices a toe ring. Sarthak comes inquiring about Rinki. Rest of the members also come and discuss who wears the toe ring.

Tandra comes inside her room and her mom tells Joba has found a toe ring. Tandra gets disappointed leaving a clue behind.

Someone knocks at the door. Joba asks Tandra why they are up. She shows the toe ring and asks whether it belongs to her.

Family members discuss who it might be. Itu asks whether Joba doubts Rinki. Joba shares her suspicion. The family members inform the police and Joba informs all the details to the officer.