That day, the ball was doing exactly what I wanted: Irfan Pathan

I am very happy that Jasprit Bumrah He has joined us in the hat-trick club. There is nothing better than someone like Bumrah accomplishing this feat. He is a very special bowler and deserves to enjoy the spotlight.

When it comes to the memories of my hat-trick, I will surely be in my top 3 moments as an Indian cricketer. I remember that we had flat pitches in the two test games before my hat-trick in Karachi. All bowlers, including Shoaib Akhtar , were beaten. So when we appeared in Karachi, it was a cold morning and we were going to play first. I wanted to prove a point to myself. I had done well with the bat in the first two Tests and even kept a follow-up in the second Test with a score of 90. But I wanted to step up the ball in Karachi.

As soon as I played my first ball that morning, I knew the ball was coming out perfectly. When I received the gate of Salman Butt Out of the fourth ball, it seemed that the ball was doing exactly what I wanted it to do. It was more important to get Younis Khan outside. I was in tremendous form.

The next wicket was Mohammad Yousuf. He was a great player for Pakistan, but I enjoyed bowling against him. The ball had a lot of curve and had no answer. I remember how Yuvraj took me on his shoulders and everyone was so happy to see me get the first wickets again.

Irfan Pathan vs Pakistan, January 29, 2006, Karachi; Victims: Salman Butt (c Rahul Dravid ), Younis Khan (lbw), Mohammad Yousuf (b)

(As told to Vivek Krishnan)