Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Day 41, episode 41, September 1, 2019: No eviction during the week; housemates say goodbye to host Ramyakrishnan

Host Ramyakrishnan Call the housemates in pairs and give each couple a scene to represent. In addition to Ramya, each housemate also qualifies the rest of the proceedings.

- Ravi and Ali begin the task by representing a scene from the popular movie Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu.

- Siva Jyothi Mahesh & Himaja It depicts a scene from the Rangasthalam of Ramcharan.

- Sreemukhi & Baba Bhaskar act a scene from the movie Chandramukhi. They bring the house down with their spectacular performance.

- Rahul & Punarnavi Slip the fans with their crispy chemistry in the recreation of a popular scene of the classic of yesteryear Kushi.

- Vithika & Varun leave the housemates in splits with their performance of a scene from the popular comedy drama F2- Fun & Frustration.

Baba Bhaskar & Sreemukhi win this task with the highest score.

Varun distributes black roses to all the housemates except the nominated contestants. Every housemate gives the black rose to the one they want to be evicted citing their reasons. Mahesh gets the maximum number of roses. However, host Ramyakrishnan announces that Mahesh is saved for the week.

Ramyakrishnan takes the housemates by surprise by stepping into the house. She takes a quick tour of the Bigg Boss house as the housemates show her every inch of the house. She gets t-shirts for all the housemates with a tagline printed on them. While Siva Jyothi reads out the tag on the t-shirt, Baba Bhaskar gives his opinion on it.

Ramyakrishnan asks Rahul how he feels when Punarnavi gets evicted. I've sings a popular pathos song expressing how much he misses her. Ravikrishna, on the other hand, says he’ll feel guilty if Himaja gets evicted.

Ramyakrishnan announces that there is no elimination this week. The housemates celebrate the announcement & bid Ramyakrishnan a happy farewell.