Salim Durani got carried away by Seshrao Wankhede's daughter

NAGPUR: former test cricket player Salim Durani He used to be a crowd shooter during his game days in the 60s and 70s. Today he is 84 years old, he has difficulty speaking and standing for a long time, but he is still a crowd shooter. About 46 years after playing his last Test in 1973, the city's former mayor, Kundatai Vijaykar, helped the former Cricket player relive his game days with his memories of his good times.

Everyone here has read or heard about you. Only Shyam Sarwate, a famous Marathi radio commentator and I, in this room, have seen you play, said Vijaykar, who received the Telang de Durani award for the 53rd annual award distribution function of the Bankers Sports Council

When you were 25 years old, I was 17 years old. We used to go to Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai to see the handsome blue-eyed Indian boy Cricket team (Durani), Vijaykar added, making the meeting laugh.

Looking at the former Cricket er, who was known for his ability to hit a six 'on demand', Vijaykar said, "I have also shouted - we want sixers - from the Governor's pavilion of the stadium."

Vijaykar, the daughter of late Barrister Seshrao Wankhede, who built Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium, narrated an interesting anecdote to the august gathering, with most of the former Vidarbha Cricket players from the 80s and beyond.

Sarwate, grandfather of a Vidarbha Ranji player, received the Naushad Ali award on behalf of his grandson Aditya, who is busy playing the Duleep Trophy .

Durani, born in Afghanistan, who is the only player in the history of India who was born in another country and represented India, believes that India and Pakistan should travel bilaterally, since sport is the best way to solve anything.

We should go play with each other. It can help ease tensions, said Durani, who was constantly supported by former 79-year-old Saurashtra player Vaman Jani.

When the talk focused on his aggressive batting, and he was asked how players like Rishabh Pant and Shikhar Dhawan should play in Test, the recipient of the CK Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award said: A batter should consider the situation and play accordingly Playing for the gallery will not help, and one can lose the match.

Durani was flanked by Jani and the Union Bank DGM Sumer Singh, Hemant Kulkarni of the National Bank of Punjab, Vilas Parate of the Bank of India, Sanjay Kulkarni of the Bank of Maharashtra, public relations officer of SBI Hemant Wasu on the stand.