Kavita Kaushik: I can't do reality shows just to remain relevant in the industry

Kavita Kaushik, also known as Chandramukhi Chautala TV, is busy perfecting her theatrical skills these days. The actress, who plays Aisha, a strong person and a fighting actress, in her latest work, ' Slumber party' , recently made in Delhi. She says: While I was doing ' FIR TREE.' They offered me many works, but I couldn't take some time to go to the theater. I had no butterflies in my stomach doing any kind of project for a long time. But when this work came to me, I really liked his script and I found it contemporary. ” In a conversation with us, the actress recalled her college days in Delhi, why viewers need to exercise discretion when it comes to television content, and why she is not part of many reality shows.

Kamla Nagar ke momos, chaat and shopping were the essential elements of our lives

The actress, who graduated in Philosophy of Indraprastha College for Women In Delhi, she feels that Delhi has made her a strong and confident woman. Remembering her college days, she says: DU ke dino mein hum sab doston ki jebein khaali hoti thi, mann mein sapne hotel thay, aur dil mein dher saare armaan. She adds, Kamla Nagar and CP were the closest to our university, so my best friend and I used to hang out there. Kamla Nagar ke momos, chaat pakode and shopping was the essentials of our lives. Janpath , Lajpat Nagar aur Sarojini Nagar were our favorite meeting places.

Traveling from Ghaziabad to Civil Lines was a chore

The actress who graduated in 2002 says: “She was good at extracurricular activities and often participated in singing, dancing or theater competitions. I was such a naughty student that I was often kicked out of university societies. I was also good at rangoli -manufacturing. I remember that Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash went to our university and we decorated the entire auditorium with colorful rangoli s since we were excited that khoobsurat ladke aa rahe there n humare college mein . Participating in festivals and university competitions made me a confident person. ”

She adds: “Graduation days are very important for confidence and character development. He prepared me to face the world and taught me to fight a pack of wolves alone. There are many things that Delhi has taught me. Even traveling in the city from one extreme to another was a great learning experience. Every day, I moved from our house in Ghaziabad to Civil Lines. It was a kind of battle. It strengthened me and taught me about the type of people one knows while traveling. This was the time when there were no Meters or taxis. I used to change two or three DTC buses from Ghaziabad to North Campus. Sometimes border of Delhi Pe Jaane Ke Liye shared cars lene padte thay

Kavita-Kaushik Dilli ki's vibrations occupy a special place in the life of Kavita Kaushik. The actress loves the capital and Dilli Ki sardi

You get all kinds of cuisine in Dilli

Dilli ki's vibrations occupy a special place in Kavita's life. Jab mau ka milta there I love coming to Delhi. My husband is also from Delhi and loves Rajinder Da Dhaba ka chicken. Delhi mein Karim there , dhaba ka khana bhi there , and then there are these elegant options for eating in shopping centers where all kinds of cuisine are located. Dilli Ki vibrations aur Dilli ki sardi they are simply amazing Yeh sab Bombay mein nahi milta.”


Viewers should have the feeling of filtering the content they are consuming

In addition to playing a stubborn cop in ' FIR TREE.' , one of the longest-running Indian television series, Kavita has also made a series of Punjabi movies. “In the middle, I have rejected so many offers of reality shows. I don't want to be part of this madness where people keep doing reality shows with aggressive content that is not suitable for sitting and watching with their families. In reality shows, you don't know what will be released, what direction it will take and how they will see you on the screen. I can't do anything just for money and for staying relevant in the industry. I will go on a walk and challenge myself instead of doing something pointless, says the actress, and adds: I don't have children, nor do I plan to have them, but I wonder how people allow their young children to see reality shows. on television that shows people fighting each other, abusing each other and what not! How do people entertain themselves with all that? It just makes me furious. As a spectator, there must be a certain sense of filtering and people must choose what they are consuming and allow their children to consume, as well as the food we eat. Watching bad content on TV is like eating fried food even though the doctor warns you about its health effects.

@ikavitakaushik Kavita with her husband Ronnit Biswas

My husband and I work together

Kavita, who regularly posts photos of her exercising with her husband, Ronnit Biswas, says: “I go with my husband to the gym and while he exercises, I take out the mat and do yoga. Previously, I didn't exercise at all, and it was only during ' FIR TREE.' I realized that I will wear the police uniform when I started exercising. Thus began my health journey. I was very interested in understanding the food that one should eat and did my research on the same. I read more about the different types of allergies and foods that adapt to one's blood group. Now, I know what is best for me. In fact, my husband and I are working to build our own farm where we will grow our own vegetables and there will also be a yogashala . I would like to be exposed to more shastras and learn more yoga. asanas .”

The actress who loves bikinis as much as traditional fabrics says: “I love ethnic garments as much as bikinis. I have a large collection of Bengali saris, Lakhnawi saris and many manual loom saris. I love using my own hand-painted saris. I told my friends that shaadi ke baad bahut principal sari pehanungi but on the contrary, now I wear more bikinis.