Lubna Salim: from Mirza Ghalib's mazar to Nila Gumbad in Nizamuddin, Delhi is full of hidden gems

Theater and television actress Lubna Salim She shares a special relationship with Delhi, thanks to her husband and director Salim Arif, a former student of the National Drama School (NSD). The actress, who was recently in the capital to act in the play ' Gudamba ' , he tells us: “My connection with Delhi is special since my husband Salim is a student of the National Drama School. He had spent a considerable amount of time in NSD. For me, seeing Delhi through their eyes has been a completely life-giving and enriching experience. It's not just about exploring every corner of NSD, but also visiting all the other places my husband frequently visited during his theater days in the city. ”She adds: For us, a trip to Delhi is incomplete without a visit the Nathu, Bengali Market , Sarojini Nagar and Khan Mar ke t. Dilli Ki Chaat , paranthe, kulche aur Pandara Road ke ke babs, I am hoo ke d on to the city’s food. Even during our recent visit, we went to the Bengali Market as Salim wanted to have paan and I can't resist the chaat . Apart from that, the train station ke bahar jo paranthe milte there n, uff! It is a great feeling to roam the lanes and streets of Delhi. I remember that the first time I came to Delhi was when I was nine years old and I was acting in a play entitled Bakri . This was a long time ago. It was staged in Pragati Maidan. What struck me then was its infrastructure. Now, when I look at it, it has changed dramatically. ”

Pointing out the difference between driving on Delhi and Mumbai roads, the actress says, “For a Bombay wallah li ke me, the difference between Delhi and Mumbai is clear while driving on the roads - while in Mumbai, we ask our driver,‘ Kitne ghante lagenge pahunchne mein ? In Delhi, we ask: Kitna kilometer there ?’”

In the last 20 years, I have seen Delhi change a lot

When in Delhi, the actress goes shopping. Since Shahpur jat to Khan Mar ke t and GK, M-Block Mar ke t, I shop a lot when in Delhi. Over the last 20 years, I have seen Delhi change so much. Pehle people would fear ki koi humein thag lega or the car wallah will ta ke us to some other location but with the Metro, that has eased out. However, a lot is yet to change in terms of the mindset of the masses. ”

The culture of Delhi is as confusing as its paths

The actress feels Delhi lacks a distinct culture of its own, unli ke Mumbai. She says, “From a thriving nightlife to mall culture, Delhi has a vast mix of everything. Delhi’s culture is as confusing as its roads. To reach one destination, you have four different routes. Having said that, it is the national capital and it is a city with a rich history of its own. From Mirza Ghalib’s mazar to Nila Gumbad in Nizamuddin, Delhi has so many hidden gems. I am glad that the historical monuments in the city are finally being ta ke n care of. I recently visited the mazar from Mirza Ghalib in Delhi and I was surprised by the cleaning work done by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) there.

The theatrical scene of Delhi is stagnant compared to Mumbai

The actress, who is the daughter of the popular screenwriter Javed Siddiqui, says: “Compared to Mumbai, the theater scene in Delhi is stagnant. From smaller places where you can have a two-man show to a thriving Gujarati or Marathi theater, and from the revival of the classics, to experimental new era shows, many things are happening in Mumbai. With the exception of NSD, Siri Fort and Kamani Auditorium and a handful of others, there are almost no places of performance in Delhi.

Lubna Salim was recently in Delhi to act in the play ' Gudamba ' . To read more about theater and plays in Delhi, follow us on Facebook