Pranitha Subhash shows you how to make organic Ganeshas

Do you want to call this Ganesh Chaturthi in a Environmentally friendly road? Actor Pranitha Subhash shows you the way. Recently, the actor took to social media and shared a picture of her making an Environmentally friendly Ganesha with mud. The idol made by the actor is seated on a leaf and shows a plate of sweets placed beside the idol. The eyes and other details have been quite intricately carved on. Pranitha posted a picture of the idol she had made and captioned the post - "Made this ❤️ Hows it? My Mannina Ganesha #ManninaGanesha #EcoFriendlyGanesha. " Have some time off at time, make your own Ganesha with your closest friends and family this Ganesha Chaturthi .