Theater review: a Muslim in the middle

Playwright: Anand Rao Director: Rachana Prasad

Language: English

Gender: Drama

Duration: 90 minutes

Classification: 3.5

To emit: Avinash Muddappa, Dimpy Fadhya, Adit Abraham, Shilpa Rudrappa, Anand Rajamani and Madhav

Dancers Harsha, Lalitha, Sandeep, Anu, Madhav and Shruthi

Written by Anand Rao, A Muslim in the middle It deals with issues such as Islamophobia, terrorism and gender equality. The story takes place a few days after the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States. Set in Bangalore, the play begins with Raj Sunder hoping to pick up his wife, Priya, from his office (the two are a modern Hindu couple). At the same time, a poor Muslim couple is trying to take advantage of a trip home, but without luck. Raj and Priya offer them a ride. Two worlds collide and the four individuals entertain each other in conversation. Their similarities and differences stand out, and frequent news updates alter the course of their discussion.

Revision: Despite being a work of dialogue, A Muslim in the middle He does not lose the attention of his audience and the credit of that lies with the four main actors, who skillfully carry the story on their shoulders. Adit Abraham and Shilpa Rudrappa are lovely as Haneef Pasha and Shabana Pasha, while Avinash Muddappa and Dimpy Fadhya play the westernized couple with ease. The attention to detail for the characterization of the auto-rickshaw drivers that appear in the narrative is especially commendable. The dance sequence used to set the stage of the story is well choreographed. The lighting design of Pradeep Belawadi effectively conveys the scene. However, the volume of the background score could have been better coordinated, since it overshadowed the actors' dialogues in certain scenes. News broadcasts are essential catalysts for the narrative, but sometimes they seemed more theatrical than realistic.

Final Word: Despite some failures, the play plays a chord, thanks to its relevant themes and capable cast (most members of the audience gave a big ovation to the show). The climax surely moves viewers to stop and reflect.