Everything is upside down; Not everything is visible in the house: Kasthuri

Tamil film actress Kasthuri is often known for her explosive social media presence. So, when she was invited to be part of the Bigg Boss Tamil as a wildcard entrant, fireworks were expected. But things took another turn, when she was criticized for staying under the radar. Or did she? In a candid chat, Kasthuri spoke about her time in the show, Madhumitha's sudden exit and her former housemates.

Did you expect to be evicted from the program in just 17 days?

I packed my clothes only for two weeks. I had some calculations in my mind. The public knows nothing about these housemates. However, I am an insider and know about these people. I have worked with many of them. I knew who was sincere and false when I was watching the episodes. I was also an incoming wild card. In the absence of anyone else, I knew he would be nominated. I also predicted that I would have the option of going to the secret room. I entered the house thinking I would take it. But the Madhumitha incident changed the game. My dynamic with Madhumitha , during the week she was evicted, was not shown. If that was depicted, the show would have been fair. But that did not happen. I was impacted by the way people reacted to Madhumitha's exit. After that, I came to a point where I started thinking, should I really play this game? That is why I refused the secret room offer.

What do you make of Madhumitha's exit from the show?

I spoke to Madhu after coming outside. I was very affected by her exit. They say that the show brings out the true faces of people, but I got to know about the real face of this show during that day. I do not have the authority to speak about Madhumitha yet. There is something called humanity. And Cheran Sir has humanity in that house.

Most viewers, including Kamal Haasan , noted that his personality in the house was in stark contrast to his personality outside the house. What do you say?

The high point of the show is that it brings out the true faces of people. I did not lie, gossip, bad mouth or back stab inside the house. I also did not speak the things that Bigg Boss expected me to speak. I spoke a lot about politics, women empowerment and feminism. I also spoke about the Cauvery issue. But why didn’t they show that footage? And why didn’t they show me support Madhumitha? You have to ask these questions to Bigg Boss. Love, sadness and conflict are what are loved inside. That is all they show to the audience. Not everybody fights every day. When Bigg Boss has decided to show only what they want to, I can’t do anything about it. Would I have kept quiet inside the house? If I was quiet inside, it would have been a medical miracle.

How did your perception of people change once you entered the house?

Abhirami is a bundle of talent. She is full of kindness and joie de vivre. But her co-dependent relationship with Mugen gathered all the attention. It made us forget everything else about her. I fought a lot to make sure she didn’t have to enter the jail. Halfway through my battle, she stood up and volunteered to go to jail. She would do that with Madhumitha all the time. Madhumitha would be fighting her cause outside and Abhi will be sitting with the guys. She is very impressionable. She does not have fixed opinions and that did not work in her favor. I thought Sakshi was the cause of all troubles in the world and that she was a regular Pandora. But she was a cool cat. Whether she is calculative is another question. But was she playing a game? Not necessarily. She was defending herself against people because everybody was nominating her. Come what may, it was a Losliya against Sakshi situation. Losliya was the damsel in distress and she played that part to perfection. She lives in her own world. And when Kavin comes in, she will live in his world. And I have nothing to say about Kavin… I also don’t know if I have to speak about Kavin now because his parents are making headlines today. I do not want to add fuel to fire. My integrity stops me from speaking about him. I don't want to speak bad about anyone here. Because if I do, then what is the difference between me and them?

How do you react to the criticisms of other housemates?

If people had the guts to speak in front of me, I would have returned it. If they spoke behind my back, they must have had a strong enough reason for that. Either I am a strong personality or they are weak. Their actions speak for themselves. I don't need to justify myself and defend myself against heartless people who speak behind my back.

If I had to summarize your experience inside the house in a row, what would it be?

Everything is upside down. Not everything is seen with the naked eye. The big eye in the Bigg Boss logo is the only eye that sees everything. Our eyes do not see everything. I was thinking if there would ever be an audience for a positive show. Does love and conflict have to be the whole show? We do not fight every day. But when they show only conflict in the program, it makes me think if that is the goal. It is not necessary that the things we see happen inside. Nor is it necessary for us to see everything that happens inside the house. It is clear that I did not give the expected content in the program. The housemates are more or less like dolls, but the person behind their actions is Bigg Boss ... Everything goes according to a script. Everything happens with a motive.

Who do you think has the ability to win the show?

I do not wish to talk about anyone but Cheran sir. Everybody is true to themselves and play a safe game. But it is tough to play a safe game after this. It is not up to housemates if they are safe or not. However, a positive thing that has come out of the show is that my charity work is being talked about. A lot of heroes from the industry have enquired about it. That is a good thing.