Winner of Bigg Boss Marathi 2: Shiv Thakare takes the trophy; late Neha Shitole

The winner of season 2 of Bigg Boss Marathi has finally announced with Shiv Thakare pocket the trophy. The former Roadies contestant managed to win hearts with his simplicity and honesty. He played the game with total honesty. The young boy enjoys a huge following of fans on social networks and has won the program with a large margin. Shiv fought very well against all the tasks in the program.

Shiv left with the prize money of Rs 17 lakh.

Shiv faced stiff competition from Neha shitole in the finale. During his stay in the BB house, Shiv Thakare’s love story with Veena Jagtap It was news. They were always seen together in the program and were inseparable. They were even seen twinning many times and made their mutual feelings very evident.

During the family task, Shiv's mother had entered the house and made it clear that she did not like their relationship too much. He even told her very clearly that Veena is playing for herself and even he should start doing the same.

During a press conference at the Bigg Boss Marathi house, Shiv told the media that he will try to convince his mother for his agreement about their relationship. Veena also stated that their relationship is not false and is not for the cameras.

During the final big night, host Mahesh Manjrekar He praised Shiv for his honesty and for not being fake on the show. Mentors of Shiv's Roadies Rannvijay and others were also seen supporting him when he was inside the house.