Meditation helps Yashaswini win a 10m gold air gun, Tokyo berth

PUNE: Yashaswini Deswal has finally reached the senior stage. And she has to thank the meditation.

Haryana's shooter secured her single gold by beating women 10m air gun event in the ISSF World Cup in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday. In the process, Yashaswini, 22, also obtained a Tokyo 2020 mooring for the country.

The junior become senior defeated the No. 1 in the world, the Olympics and world champion of Ukraine, Olena Kostevych. Yashaswini's feat is commendable, since six of the eight finalists were eligible to win two quotas that were offered.

Yashaswini was India's ninth installment for the 2020 Games. India has now reserved all four places in men's and women's events (2 each).

The shooter, who missed a medal after finishing fourth at the Guadalajara World Cup last year, shot with immense control, both in qualifying and in the final. He entered the final as a topper in the qualifying round with his best personal score of 582.

In the low-end final, Yashaswini shot 236.7 and still kept Olena (234.8) at bay by 1.9 points for gold. Jasmina Milovanovic of Serbia won the bronze with 215.7 along with the second available odds.

I am overwhelmed. The feeling has not yet sunk, ”Yashaswini told TOI after his match.

The shooter, who has filmed in the Beijing and Munich editions of the World Cup series earlier this year, was finally able to turn her good beginnings into a perfect ending.

“Nothing has changed in my training. It was only a matter of time that I turned my good beginnings, ”said the girl Panchkula.

She, however, gave credit to the meditation. “I have been meditating for a month and it is helping me a lot. I went to the game today after meditating. While meditating, I visualized my shot and it helped me while executing my plan, ”said Yashaswini.

Shooting visualization is a technique that many shooters follow to train their minds. It's like rehearsing shots in the mind, from taking a position to calibrating the target and pulling the trigger. Then they repeat the entire sequence during the match.

His coach, Tejinder Singh Dhillon, also said that controlling his thoughts was the key to Yashaswini on Saturday. “Technically he is very strong, but he used to think and worry too much during the game. When shooting, you lose the plot if you start worrying about your or your opponents' scores, Dhillon said.

When asked if there was any pressure on her while competing with a decorated shooter like Olena, the second-year law student responded negatively. “For a change, today I was not thinking about anyone. He wasn't looking at anyone's scores, he said.

Yashaswini, who had won the Junior World Championship two years ago, has been in and out of the senior team. However, she couldn't hit big on the upper level.

“It's always disappointing not to win, but I never lacked self confidence. My father has always said that I can win great medals and that gives me confidence, ”he said.

With the quota, Yashaswini's next task will be to maintain his national classification until the team for the Tokyo Games is announced. She doesn't find it a difficult task. I don't think it gets harder. If I continue the way I have been training and shooting, it will be under my control, ”he said.

Other Indians in the fray, Annu Raj Singh (572) and Shweta Chaudhary (568) finished 21 and 31 respectively.

India seal all four Olympic quotas in 10m air gun

With Yashaswini’s medal, India has booked all four spots in the 10m air gun event for the Tokyo Games, a first for Indian shooting. With Saurabh Chaudhary and Abhishek Verma In the men's team, the odds of Manu Bhaker and Yashaswini in the women's section will help India form two mixed gender teams at the Olympic Games, giving the nation two extra shots on Olympic medals with the same number of seats.