Like Bumrah, even my hat-trick decision was sent to 'review': Harbhajan Singh

I didn't see Bumrah's hat-trick on Saturday night and when a journalist friend called me in the morning to react, I had the feeling of getting lost. But I didn't waste time to watch the hat-trick video online, and it took me back to that famous afternoon at Eden Gardens, 18 years ago. That was an Australian team and they were really accumulating races and we were running out of options (in the first innings of the second Test of the series).

Things started to change for us after tea when we got a couple of wickets, and then that magic was over. In 252-4, Ricky Ponting He hadn't settled yet and in that series, he just couldn't read me. I had it in the leg before with a break and the next ball was Adam Gilchrist . Gilly had separated us in the Mumbai Test before the Kolkata Test and I knew he had to take his wicket from the beginning. I threw one faster and when he tried to return, he hit him on the floor. Some say the ball had been thrown off the leg, but I am sure that was not the case. If there was any doubt, it was whether it had an internal advantage or not.

Before I played my hat-trick ball, I had a conversation with Captain Sourav Ganguly and he told me to take my time and attend to the basics. I tried to play a New Yorker with Shane Warne in the hope that a leg or bowling alley were at stake. If Warne had played well, he would have handled it easily, but I was lucky that he tried to do so. And what a reflection Sadagopan Ramesh caught: I owe my hat-trick, just as Bumrah owes his to Virat Kohli, who insisted they should go to a review.

There were no DRS in those days, but it was sent to the third referee, about whether the ball had bounced. In all the din of the ground, I could hear my heartbeat while we all waited. Bumrah must have felt the same while waiting for the third referee's call at Sabina Park. And as it was for Bumrah, it was a moment of immense joy for me when the 'out' decision came. The whole team was jumping, I had never seen Rahul Dravid so ecstatic, and it was the moment that changed my career. As for Bumrah, he is already a superstar and I can only imagine how many records he will break. I wish you all the best.

As told Dwaipayan Datta