The update of Kapil Sharma Show, August 31: Suniel Shetty, Sudeep and Akanksha laugh out loud, Kapil and Krushna entertain them

The episode of The Kapil Sharma show He starts with Kapil entering the stage and makes everyone laugh with his jaws. Archana also laughs at his impromptu periods and calls Kapil one of a kind.

After his jokes with the audience, he calls the stage. Suniel Shetty & Sudeep Kichcha .

He talks to the stars & makes them share some fun moments of their lives. Kapil & the actors further get into an interaction with the audience who makes them laugh out loud.

A girl from the audience cannot stop giggling while talking & Suniel is unable to control his laughter. Suniel shares how he & his wife Mana met at a popular hotspot in Mumbai back in 90s.

He said even Archana along with her actor friends would be there. Sudeep too shares his love story & Kapil welcomes his family who is present at the show. His wife says how Sudeep would sing to impress her.

Akanksha Singh too comes on stage & Kapil tries to flirt with her. Akanksha is a physiotherapist & says that both Suniel & Sudeep are fit & didn't need any physiotherapy.

They all have a good time. Sudeep & Akanksha further sing a song individually & Kapil applauds them.

Kapil yet again turns to the audience. Krishna Abhishek comes in as a fly & makes everyone laugh out loud. He further explains his massage types to Suniel & Sudeep who laugh out loud.

Kapil ends the show with a fun talk.