Seminar on rural and urban folk songs.

City folk band Dohar They completed 20 years of their musical journey on August 7 of this year. To continue the celebration, they organized a seminar, Kalikaprasad Smarok Boktrita, on Friday at the Bangla Paschimbanga Academy. Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya , who was the frontman of Dohar, died in a car accident on March 7, 2017. However, the members of his band feel that though Kalikada is not with them physically, hisnlegacy will live on.

In the first edition of the Kalikaprasad Smarok Boktrita, singer and songwriter Kabir Suman He was invited to speak at Pollir Gaan - Nogor Loker Gaan. Before Suman began to read his writings in the do, he said: “Jeta ghotche ekhane, mushroom ulto ghotche. Kalikar thakar kotha, love jawar kotha, love theke boyeshe onek chhoto. (What is happening here should have been the other way around. Kalika should

being present and not me, he was much younger for me).


Suman went on to talk about different technicalities of rural and urban folk songs. He talked about why yodelling was not invented in the plains, and how one used to talk through yodelling when one person is standing on a hill and the other on the opposite side. He also mentioned that in Bengali Bhawaiya Gaan not all verses of the songs are sung using yodelling. Suman even shared anecdotes about how certain popular songs from Chittagong They were composed.

The event saw all the band members of Dohar in attendance, apart from Kalika Prasad’s wife, Ritacheta Goswami.